Beach Party

In 2010 I submitted another entry into the Capitola Begonia Festival. They loved it. The theme was “Beach Party”. A friend handed me a small clipping from a magazine and suggested it might be a good idea for the theme that year. I wasn’t going to do it. Afterall, it was a tiny clipping, it was black and white, and it had 7 figures in it! Faces are one thing but people are much more complicated to paint.

Several years earlier I had taken a class at Cabrillo. I thought it was the most boring class I had ever taken. In fact all the students complained about it. The class consisted of drawing and studying nothing other than muscles and bones. We wanted to draw people – but no. Muscles and bones – that’s all! I was never more grateful for that class than I was when painting this piece. I had to rely on that information to be able to represent the people.

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